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The American Way

I’ve been an F1 fan for many years now. It wasn’t always an easy thing to be an F1 fan in the US. Historically, coverage in the States has always kind of been sporadic at best. It always seemed like every network that covered F1 treated it like an afterthought. Rebroadcasting the British feed. I guess it never really made sense to them because the races were often in the middle of the night for us over here. It was kind of a niche sport.

Because of this, we really only had one media source to watch and listen to. The British media. The coverage is always great, but it tends to be a bit slanted toward one side. In recent years, they always had one particular favorite and vilified anyone who would seriously mount a challenge to him. With the lack of a serious American contender, we really don’t have a dog in the fight. I instead picked my favorite drivers based on driving style rather than nationality. That’s all we could really base it on. We really didn’t have much insight into what went on behind the scenes. Drivers weren’t on social media and weren’t as accessible and F1 teams didn’t really open up and give inside access to fans like they do now.

The reason I say all this is because I’m here to tell the story and provide a perspective to the English-speaking world that isn’t necessarily leaning towards one driver or team based on their nationality. I will try to be as unbiased as possible, telling the story to American fans from an American’s point of view. My opinion will most likely not be the popular one and I’m sure there’s a possibility that I also will be vilified, but that happens to anyone who speaks their mind online. It’s ok. I have tough skin.

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